What They Say About Jen

Jen offered such unique and powerful insight to our team. She was encouraging, funny, engaging, and knew how to resonate with the entire group. The fact that she can offer so much insight to a group of auditors is a testament to the fact that she has so much to offer to people of every walk of life – from children to adults, from athletes to businessmen and women.

Megan S.
QVC Global Summit

Jen, came in and spoke with multiple levels within our company from interns to Executive Mgmt and she was fantastic. Jen was engaging, funny, and motivational. Several people stopped me after to express how much they liked Jen!!!

Kelly D.
United Water



Jen pulled us out of a jam when the original speaker we had booked cancelled last minute. Her topic, presentation and attitude was spot on. Thank you Jen!

Frank R.
Century 21

Jen spoke at our company’s Leadership Conference for ~45 of our managers that traveled in from the 11 states we work in. The group ranged from Vice Presidents to first line supervisors. Jen was engaging and captivated our group from the beginning to the very end. She delivered a powerful message that was thought provoking and inspiring. Her presentation was the highlight of our conference. Jen was truly amazing!

Godlee D


Hi Jen,

I wanted to let you know that, after you left the banquet, an emeritus award was given.

The man started his acceptance speech with something like, “Out of all of the years and speakers I have heard through IREM, that was THE BEST yet.” Everyone agreed. Truly, I give it an A . Well done. Just the right length and very engaging and sincere!

Have a good day! I also wanted to share with you that I have internalized your “Don’t take extra water into your boat” advice, which is a good thing! I really like that idea and you have compressed to that perfect short bit. I expect that I will share it with many others over time.

Toby Spinelli
(IREM Awards Dinner–Penn Oaks Golf Club–West Chester, PA)


Jen spoke to our honor band comprised of 250 students from across the US that was marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. From our first contact via email to first phone conversation, she really listened to what we were looking for. It was obvious she wanted to make sure she could meet our needs and wasn’t just looking to take the job for money.

On site, she was prompt, very friendly and rolled with the punches when hotel AV was less than stellar. She really held the student’s attention, was interactive, and I saw tons of them taking notes. Our past speakers have been specific to musician leadership and very high energy bordering on frantic/crazy to keep students’ attention. Jen presented lessens more on character and challenging yourself that the students could apply to band and to their personal lives. Her style was well paced and proved you don’t have to talk a mile a minute if your message connects.

I saw many of them come up and hug her, ask for autographs, and just thank her for making them think differently. We would highly recommend her. Her lessons can be tailored to your needs and everyone will take away something no matter position or age.

Bethany K.



From the Heart
Jen spoke at our Women’s Group luncheon the other day and did a fantastic job. Everyone was engaged in the conversation and appreciative of the information shared. Jen is 100% authentic in every sense of the word. Jen – Thank you for sharing your stories and insights.

Sherry K



Awesome Speaker, Awesome Person!
Jen was fantastic, I could write a few sentences to best describe her performance but it won’t do her any justice. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to take control of the audience and leave their group energized. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Rob C




Jen definitely delivered!
Jen definitely delivered! Based on pre-event research, our expectations were high, and yet she managed to exceed them. I believe that our attendees left the room inspired, invigorated and with a lighter heart.

Kelly H.



Absolutely inspiring
I did not expect that your talk would touch my heart the way it did. Especially, not thinking I could get that emotional at a work conference! The way you were talking and what you were saying was so inspiring to me that I wanted to cry within the first 5 minutes of your talk. It wasn’t because I was sad but because I felt like you were talking to me and saying “it’s okay, what you have been told all your life and what you are telling yourself is a lie”. I can and I will. That is what you taught me. Thank you so much for your story. I’m sure that you inspired a lot of people and every day that you speak I can only imagine what you can accomplish, when you can get this type of reaction in 20 minutes! You are the type of woman I hope to be someday.

Tina S



Great Motivational Speaker!
Our entire team was really impressed with Jen’s inspirational stories. Her words came straight from her heart. We all related to them because most of us have experienced what she went through (won’t go into details. You should hear it yourself) I would recommend her to other companies as a motivational speaker.

Aysylu I



A Great Motivational Presentation…
Jen, thanks for a great, motivational presentation…it was a perfect fit for my retreat participants and a great integration with the rest of the day. Everyone loved you.,…in fact I had a coaching session with one of the attendees this morning and we both were quoting our learnings!!! Thanks for adding so much to our retreat.

Michelle L




Successful Team Building Speaker Session
My (work) team and I were looking for a motivational speaker to come in to speak with us about team building and inspiration to ‘Win Together.’ Jen was the perfect fit for this, bringing in her own personal experiences while also engaging us with her fun spirit and great sense of humor. I would invite her to speak again for us in the future and definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a genuine and effective session!

Lily E



Phenomenal Speaker
Great speaker. All the attendees gave great reviews.

Sonya S



Motivational speaker does more than motivate
Jen was briefed about the audience and even if she wasn’t, there would have been no issue. She had command of the room and no one moved, used their cell phone or had side conversations. She tied a lot of personal experience to the presentation and made it engaging because she did not lecture. I would like to use Jen again with a different group and will recommend her whenever anyone asks me for a reference.

Brenda C



Bravo! Jen is fantastic!
Jen was our most well received keynote speaker ever! She went over and above the call of duty to interact and engage our student participants. I plan on reaching out to Jen again in the future!

Pattie V




Very pure and inspirational
Jen was amazing both times I saw her! Always kept her audience involved and interested. I didn’t only take away from it a picture and a memory, but life long knowledge about what’s really important in life that will guide me through my every day struggles. Jen gave me motivation to look at mornings differently, to not take any day for granted and to always be open minded. I appreciated every minute I got to be in her presence!

Arielle S



LIGHTing your way to a new perspective.
What an amazing 2 days we had with Jen. The 5C’s continues to be the talk of the group. Jen was able to accommodate the size of the event as well as the size of our budget . Her real life experiences brought things into an easy to understand concept for all ladies. Jen is a fabulous speaker with endless smiles , laughter and an I CAN DO attitude that sends everyone away with a new look the bad moments NOT the bad days. Thank you Jen we cannot wait to see you again. [P & G Mehoopany Ladies of LIGHT]

Kim A

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