“This program will change how you view the mental game.”

Are you the coach or parent of an athlete who has asked, “how can I get her to…” or “why doesn’t he…”? Do you want to learn how to teach your athletes the foundation of being a complete athlete, not only physically, but mentally? What if you could understand the mental game and really be able to help your athlete from the core and not just put another positive-talk bandaid on their scraped up confidence?

“The Five C’s of the Mental Game Warrior” has gained national attention and has been presented in front of professional athletes, large Division I programs, organizations and schools as well as travel organizations and teams.

Check out a preview of the video below:

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“The Five C’s of a Mental Game Warrior program can be tailored to fit your needs. Jen speaks about Character, being a good teammate, Confidence, recovering after injuries and mistakes, perfectionism, social approval, and many more topics. Her Five C’s has been widely demanded from professional athletes to Division I, II, III programs to recreational athletes and young athletes alike. Her message is universal. Most teams spend hundreds on training (Getting faster, stronger, more agile) but the truth is, if we say that over half of our sport, whatever that may be, is from the neck up… then why don’t we spend that amount of time and money on mastering the mental game?

Most elite athletes have seen a shift from concentrating solely on physical skill to incorporating a strong and sound mental approach to their sport with wild success.

Let Coach Jen give you or your team an edge. For life.”

See what others have to say about what Jen has brought to their teams:

Jen is an amazing young coach and speaker who specializes in helping athletes young and old overcome fear of failure and enjoy the game. I saw her speak a few years ago and immediately hired her to do my Christmas Camp of over 400 girls. She wowed them. I brought her to the Cherry Hill Coaches Clinic (Be the Best You Are) to speak and she drew large crowds who left singing her praise. When I think of five words, I think – “Simply the best, “BETTER THAN ALL THE REST”. I am proud that she is involved in our camps and clinics. Karen and I enjoy her friendship! Bring her in, she will bring out the best in your players!

Ralph Weekly

Head Coach, University of Tennessee

Jen is a fantastic presenter on things relevant to today’s athletes. She gets to the point with terms and anecdotes which are easily understood and defined. She gets ‘it’!

Patrick Murphy

Head Coach, University of Alabama, 2012 NCAA Division I National Champions

Jen has a way with words. She worked with my team when we needed her as just a boost and even after the first time we met, we were beaming with smiles all through practice – we dedicated most of our cheers to her from then on. She understands all kinds of people and she is the least judgmental person that I have ever met which is one of her biggest attributes and why she is so respected. Jen dedicates her life to helping not only adults but teens who need someone to step in when they begin to doubt themselves. When I hit that spot, “Believe and you will achieve” is one phrase she told me and I will never forget that. I am so grateful everyday that Jen came into my life. She is an overall amazing person and teams are lucky to have her work with them because she will truly make a difference in their lives, just like she did in mine. My five words to you, Jen : Never forget that YOU matter.

Julie Moran

Lock Haven University, Lacrosse Player

For any athlete that is serious about his or her sport, the most difficult challenge is getting in control and staying in command of your competitive mentality. A strong mental game is what separates elite athletes from their peers, and Jen not only helped me understand the importance of being in control of my mental game, but she taught me methods to fortify my mental skills off the field and specific tactics to regain my control in the heat of competition. Jen’s help was invaluable to me and to my game. I wish I’d met Jen years ago!

Lillian Hammond

Former University of Tennessee Standout, College World Series Participant, and Former NPF Philadelphia Force Player

It is amazing when you have a plan and are centered, how you start to notice how distractable the other team is…we went in with a plan and a routine and it was a whole different experience. Your metaphors are the best. I think in pictures, so reframing with images is especially helpful. Thank you for all that you are teaching us. It is making a difference in my life.

June M.

Tennis Player

It’s hard to explain the feeling you get…I’ve not had this feeling before…I’ve been in my version of a zone, but when you are mentally and physically into it, it’s a feeling like no other…we went in with a plan and knowing we’d stick with it..nothing bothered us…we played our game and beat them soundly (losing to them before)…if we made an error, our words were “right back” and we stayed positive throughout the match. You’ve made a big difference in how I look at life and sports, and I am grateful for that. Keep doing what you are doing…it works. Thank you.

Nancy D.

Tennis Player

I have had the opportunity to work with Jen as both a professional athlete and a Division 1 college coach. Jen’s ability to facilitate communication within our team has been hugely important to our team chemistry and culture. Furthermore, she understands the mental challenges specific to the game of softball and has helped us transform our mental approach and processes through self-awareness and perspective. Our athletes have benefited tremendously from working with Jen this season and we owe many thanks to her contribution to our program. Thanks Jen, you’re the best!!

Emily Friedman

Fordham University, Assistant Softball Coach; NPF Player, Chicago Bandits

Jen’s encouragement of open communication has been a huge asset in building our team chemistry this year. Without our sessions, many things would have been left unsaid because we all assume they go without saying. Additionally, as we take the program to new thrilling places, her advice on the mental approach to the game helps us stay focused on playing FORDHAM SOFTBALL. Instead of a rollercoaster ride, we’re riding the train.

Jennifer Mineau

Fordham University, Softball Player; Top 10 Finalist For The 2010 USA Softball Collegiate Player Of The Year

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