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Jen was named “Best of 2015, 2016 and 2017: The #1 Motivational Speaker

in the Philadelphia, PA & Washington, DC Regions”

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The Inner Chatter We Become

We don’t always fail well. Or at least think we know what that even looks like or means. We teach our players constantly about failure. We tell them that it’s good. We get upset when they do it. We don’t know what message comes out. But the most important thing is to...
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Called to do the Dishes…

It’s been 5 years… this is the 4thChristmas. Losing Mom will always be one of the hardest days  of my life. Since then, I have worked hard to make her proud… however she may know or see me or understand. There is so much I would tell her if I could… Thank you for all...
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Be Brave. Let it Burn.

  To the woman who is afraid of the fire, Let it burn. You will be so much better for finding your truth in the white hot flames, the smoldering ashes dropping one by one around your feet. Only then will you truly know what it feels like to set fire to your soul...
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Belonging in a Disconnected World

We, as a society, are craving connection. It’s one of the things I talk about when I speak all over the country about this very topic. I have spent the past year and a half studying and researching, talking about and asking questions about what this looks like in...

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Compassionate Leadership: Beyond the Field

To know your players is an important piece of coaching. What are their skill strengths, who is the fastest or most mentally tough? Who is best in certain situations? Who is the go to off the bench? When the game is on the line? Who needs more coaching or an arm around...

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This Is My Authentic Life

I have written about a lot of things over my almost 45 years on this planet. From what I was going to have for lunch in first grade to boy and girl crushes in a journal in eighth grade, to love, to heartbreak, to sports, to business, to 45 page capstone thesis papers,...

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