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Jen was named “Best of 2015, 2016 and 2017: The #1 Motivational Speaker

in the Philadelphia, PA & Washington, DC Regions”

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Smashing Ceilings, Doing the Impossible.

Roger Gilbert Bannister was born on March 23, 1929. He was a Neurologist who made large advancements in the areas of autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular physiology, and multiple system atrophy. Reading this, I would assume that most of you didn’t know that....
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Be Brave. Just Show Up.

There comes a day when it gets hard to find courage just to get out of bed. You struggle against your own ambition, the drain on your internal clock. Your energy zapped and depleted. The weather even feels cold and unforgiving. You lay there and hit the snooze button....
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Three rules for my legacy

Be Honest. Be Grateful. Be Present.   When I was a kid, I was told to always tell the truth even if it was hard. My mom made me understand that sentiment very quickly. I remember not telling the truth about doing a chore and she helped me to understand that if I...
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I’ve Got your Back…Regardless

I have been on the road a lot lately, logging miles like it’s my job. I am no stranger to a 5-hour drive, 2-3 hours of work, and a 5-hour drive back home. Even leaving at 10am to return at 3am the next morning isn’t odd anymore. Why? Well, let’s just...

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Resilience in the face of…

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s how tough we are when we face obstacles. It’s in our DNA. We all do it differently. We bounce back. We fall down. We bounce back again. And for some it doesn’t matter how many times they...

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No Quit in the Dugout

I was standing in my kitchen cutting leftover chicken off the carcass to make chicken salad. It was quiet. My kitchen door was open and all I could hear was the gentle wind blowing my mom’s wind chimes ever so lightly. Small dinging sounds that were angelic. Probably...

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