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According to Gallup (State of the Global Workplace 2017), 85% of employees surveyed say they feel disengaged and disconnected at work. And 75% employees left their last job because of the lack of trust and confidence in senior leadership and the feeling they didn’t belong.“Compassionate and Connected Leaders create cultures of belonging and inspire their teams to join them in bridging the disconnect and disengagement that permeates work climates everywhere.” – JLC

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Learn how to move from lonliness to a sense of belonging. Watch Jen on her latest TEDx talk.

The Inner Chatter We Become

We don’t always fail well. Or at least think we know what that even looks like or means. We teach our players constantly about failure. We tell them that it’s good. We get upset when they do it. We don’t know what message comes out. But the most important thing is to...

Called to do the Dishes…

It’s been 5 years… this is the 4thChristmas. Losing Mom will always be one of the hardest days  of my life. Since then, I have worked hard to make her proud… however she may know or see me or understand. There is so much I would tell her if I could… Thank you for all...

Be Brave. Let it Burn.

  To the woman who is afraid of the fire, Let it burn. You will be so much better for finding your truth in the white hot flames, the smoldering ashes dropping one by one around your feet. Only then will you truly know what it feels like to set fire to your soul...

Smashing Ceilings, Doing the Impossible.

Roger Gilbert Bannister was born on March 23, 1929. He was a Neurologist who made large advancements in the areas of autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular physiology, and multiple system atrophy. Reading this, I would assume that most of you didn't know that. You...

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Be Brave. Just Show Up.

There comes a day when it gets hard to find courage just to get out of bed. You struggle against your own ambition, the drain on your internal clock. Your energy zapped and depleted. The weather even feels cold and unforgiving. You lay there and hit the snooze button....

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Three rules for my legacy

Be Honest. Be Grateful. Be Present.   When I was a kid, I was told to always tell the truth even if it was hard. My mom made me understand that sentiment very quickly. I remember not telling the truth about doing a chore and she helped me to understand that if I...

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