Mental Game Warrior

Are you the coach or parent of an athlete who has asked, “how can I get her to…” or “why doesn’t he…”? Do you want to learn how to teach your athletes the foundation of being a complete athlete, not only physically, but mentally? What if you could understand the mental game and really be able to help your athlete from the core and not just put another positive-talk bandaid on their scraped up confidence?

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Soul Tribe Evolution Project

Dear You,

The pull you are feeling right now is your soul reaching out to find something. The truth is, whether it is conscious or not, it is real. And it happens both when we are feeling something is missing and when we feel fulfilled. It is the ebb and flow of life that keeps us moving toward something bigger every day. It doesn’t happen out of need or want, but out of a deeper yearning to be our very best.

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Radio 9-7

The Possibility Project airs life every Monday night at 7pm-8pm EST. Sarah Sanchez and Jen Croneberger co-host this talk show that is not just inspirational, but thought-provoking and real.

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