Soul Tribe Evolution Project

Soul Tribe Evolution Project
The Soul Tribe Evolution Project came from the need for connection. I have seen so often the disconnect we all seem to face at times.  Technologically, we are the most connected society ever, but we stand on the edge of being the most disconnected at the same time. The conversations I have had with those around me have opened my heart and my soul to the need for a higher awareness as well as a deeper connection to the world around us.
My work has led me to the ability to connect those who feel disconnected. My background in psychology and my study of confidence allows me to help to build those around me up instead of judge or tear down. But my greatest gift has been teaching others how to do this for themselves. Most people don’t know how to put themselves first. Most don’t know why they need to. It doesn’t have to take years to reframe your thought patterns.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to do the work?
  • Am I willing to be open to change?
  • Am I willing to be vulnerable enough to let go of the story I have told myself for years…the one that I sold to myself and have lived out?
  • Am I willing to re-write the story?
Most of us too often worry about the approval of others, but learning that the only approval we need is that of ourselves can be the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.
The Soul Tribe Evolution Project will provide the tools to help change the self-talk and the stories you have told yourself and help you to show up as your best self in everything you do.


Soul Tribe Evolution Project Summit:

Seating is limited and WILL sell out!

WHERE: Madison at Exton Crossing Clubhouse
201 Iron Lake Boulevard, Exton, PA 19341
WHEN: Sunday, April 10, 2016
TIME: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
COST: $55

Light snacks and refreshments provided.

Join the conversation!


“The pull you are feeling right now is your soul reaching out to find something. The truth is, whether it is conscious or not, it is real. And it happens both when we are feeling something is missing and when we feel fulfilled. It is the ebb and flow of life that keeps us moving toward something bigger every day. It doesn’t happen out of need or want, but out of a deeper yearning to be our very best.” ~jlc



Soul Tribe Evolution Project Intro

What a few Summit participants had to say:

A Phrase or a sentence about “THE” experience — I honestly do not feel a word has been developed or defined to describe — However, the descriptive I have found myself using with others has been “awakening”. Soul Tribe is an energy – emotion – experience -on a level all its own. Until this day, I did not recognize the anchor I had placed that was keeping me from moving forward. Like all anchors, I had to move away from the safety of the dock to look below the surface. Throughout the day, my true essence – my soul-being – was nudged from a hybernated state I did not even realize it was being held. The statement “There is a difference between existing and living” moved from words with meanings to a vision requiring self definition. And while the empowerment and realization of the gift given is still being discovered, the building foundation is the true power of it all lies within me. But this gift of the first stepping stone as provided by Jen and the Tribe is a strong first step to trust when taking oneself from existing to living. And for this gift of awakening and sense of free self being – all that was asked of me was “to be”. No expectations, no script, – just “be” to allow myself- my soul/essence energy to connect with what was needed as there were many gifts given that day – each gift individual but in some sense the same – wrapped in love and acceptance. It was amazing. K.O.

From the moment I walked into the first Soul Tribe Summit, I knew I was in the right place. I felt an energy, love, and mutual intention from the group the entire time, and it helped catapult me further along my journey of empowerment. Thanks to Jen and every amazing woman in that room!


Well, I read the book. Can I tell you this journey has been pretty great. I started off with a random person on my facebook and it is changing my life. For the first time in a long time I feel like I might not be stuck. Like my life doesn’t have to be this way. I feel more self worth then I ever have and most of all…. I might consider liking myself and embracing my lousy choices!…You are truly an awesome person with so much to give the world. My wish for you is that you never stop touching lives because you have really changed mine.


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